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Nika Rehani

Wedding & Evening dress designer

Nika Rehani’s House of Couture – Haute Couture Bridal and Evening Dresses

Nika Rehani is a fashion designer with over 10 years of experience, famous worldwide for her luxurious dresses that have made her brand into one of the leading in the fashion scene. Her last collection was photographed in Italy, further promoting her fashion house and exposing it to clients overseas.

Nika‘s distinctive style shines through every piece in her collections.

Her combination of top-quality fabrics, elite sewing techniques and extraordinary vision produces unique, elegant, one of a kind haute couture designs season after season.

The dresses are inspired by universal trends and evolve according to the current popular fas waiting eagerly to meet and assist you in finding the perfect dress that no one will be able to forget…”

Nika Rehani studio also creates evening dresses of all types, made especially to suit you perfectly.

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Ha-Melekh Yehoshafat St. 26, Eilat

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It’s not just the dress, it’s intire experience.

All of our specifications are designed with one main goal in mind: to treat aech bride with extra love and care so you can enjoy your entire Nika Rehani experience. Your day is coming and now is the time to decide how you’re going to present yourself.